Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Beginning

                Welcome to One Writer's Workshop, a snapshot of the many and varied paths my mind wanders along!  I will be attempting to post *something* here on a daily basis.  It may be story snippets, character ideas, or just whatever I happen to be thinking about when I start writing.  Regardless, you can be fairly certain that if I'm posting it here, it is, at best, a rough draft, so please be patient with any grammar errors, redundancies, or other such "first draft" issues.
                To be honest I'm not sure what I am hoping to get out of this blog.  Partly it is a way to kick-start my writing habits, which have fallen into rather serious neglect of late.  Partly it is a way to record the often interesting (to me) places my mind goes when my body is occupied with routine tasks.  And perhaps partly it is a way of exploring the deep and tender places of myself.  Why I would choose to put that exploration on display I still don't fully understand, but nevertheless I cannot help but feel that this is the right decision.
                I hope you enjoy this meandering tour of the inside of my head.  I look forward to discovering many wonders with you.

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