Friday, January 4, 2013

Feel Good Friday: The Lion in the Mirror

                    This week's Feel Good Friday is the first picture I've selected, but I hope that it speaks to all of you like it did to me.  You may remember that in 'Thinking vs. Wanting' I mentioned a phrase that kills all dreams: "I can't do that."  Today's picture, on the other hand, illustrates how to keep dreams alive.
                     Like the kitten in the photo, we need to be able to see ourselves as we want to be every time we look in the mirror.  While acknowledging the sometimes frustrating reality that right now we are just adorable fuzzy kittens, we must never lose sight of the lion we intend to be.  There is nothing wrong and (as anyone who has ever cuddled a kitten will tell you) a great deal that is right about being a kitten.  Everyone is a kitten at some point, and some of us take longer than others to grow out of it.  But as long as you can see the lion in the mirror, "I can't do that" becomes "I can't do that yet."
                     I know that right now I'm just a young woman, hardly out of her teens, with a retail job and no degree.  I am still a kitten. But I also know that some day I will be a counselor.  I will hold an advanced degree, and help young people who are struggling with the same kinds of problems I have overcome.  And I will help them to see their own personal lions in the mirror.

Lots of Love,
~ Jennifer

P.S.  I'd love to hear about your own lions in the mirror.  If you'd like to share, send me an e-mail or leave a comment below!

P.P.S.  I looked for the origin of this picture but could not find any information on it.  If you happen to know who originally created the image, please let me know so that I can give proper credit!

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